Sunday, April 15, 2012

little things...

Button's look a little off in the photo - they a carnation pink.
Patchwork card was made for my Bi-monthly Frenzy Card Challenge I host at Colorful Creations.  Please check it out and join in the fun with this challenge and others you will find in the Event section hosted by our Desgin Team members.

In our hectic lives we often forget to "Delight in little things"  For me, as I grow older and wiser, the little things have become much more important.  Starting my blog, is one of those little things.  A place to share my thoughts, creativity and passion for papercrafts.  Today I also want to share a short story with you.

Ever since I can remember, I have always loved to create.  Four years ago, my family was touched by alcoholism in a very personal way, our youngest son went into the Army and I was struggling with health issues.  Every part of my body hurt and it was difficult to function.  For years I just went through the motions, trying to keep everything under control, or so I thought.  The stress, depression and chaos controlled my life.  I no longer had the passion or energy to devote to my papercrafts. I felt like pieces of  me, who I used to be, were now scattered about.  I no longer was going to be the person I used to be.  I felt sad, alone, scared.  By the grace of God, ALON and a Doctor who was able to diagnose my illness, (CREST Syndrome), the past two years I've been traveling a road to discovery, healing, forgiveness.

Which, brings me to the patchwork card that I am sharing today.  This card represents those lost pieces, coming together to create a quilt, which makes me feel comfort, warmth, and peace.  I am now able to "Delight in little things".  The smell of coffee brewing, cherry blossoms on our tree, the taste of raspberries, or a gentle hug from a loved one. 

We do not know where our road will take us, but remember to watch your step, "Delight in little things" and Catch the Frenzy!

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